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The .aero extension is reserved exclusively for professionals in the aviation industry.

.aero domain registration



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Requirements for the .aero extension

An ID and a code released by the authority is needed.

  • Reserved for subjects belonging to the sector that the extension refers to.
  • Maximum years of registration: 10
  • The domain name must contain a minimum number of 3 characters and a maximum of 63 characters excluding the tld length

.aero domain registration rules

To register a .aero domain is necessary to obtain an ID and a code from the Register (SITA).

Clarifications on getting ID in English at:http://www.information.aero/index.php?id=64
Eligibility Criteria:
(libera traduzione dal sito della SITA)
Aerial Works: soggetti coinvolti nell'attività aerea ai fini di combattere incendi, scopi agricoli, di sorveglianza, ricerca meteo, e controllo del territorio.

Se si è già titolari di un .AERO ID, dal portale è necessario ottenere una chiave/password cliccando sulla voce Fetch My Password e quindi comunicarcela insieme al proprio .AERO ID

.aero domain transfer rules

To perform a transfer, you must ask the current manager for the authorization code, or auth-info code.

To transfer a .AERO domain it is good to:

  • make sure the domain is not in REGISTRAR-LOCK or in HOLD status. If the domain is in LOCK status, the admin-c may request the vendor to unlock it,
  • make sure the email in the admin-c is active,
  • make yout transfer request in time and not near the expiration date,
  • make sure the domain has been registered for at least 60 days.

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