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From today, Dominiando's customers will be able to add WML and WMLscript extensions to their websites in order to make their site available for consultation, even from cell phones. WML support allows you to publish both static WML pages (the comparison is the HTML page) and dynamic WML pages, for example, integrated with ASP. The cost of this ... Read more

Dominiando, after being one of the first in its sector to use the satisfied or reimbursed formula, launches a new initiative dedicated to all Webmasters who manage more than 3 domains/websites. From today, and in limited numbers, we will provide 10 hosting packages with the following features: - 3rd level domain of the ... Read more

Dominiando launches the registrations of the much-awaited .BIZ domains. The price??? Still only Lit. 30,000 + VAT per year Do not waste time, register your .BIZ name today! Read more

Neulevel, the company with the global management of .biz domains, announces a delay for the "go live" of the new .BIZ domain registrations. The new departure date has been postponed from 23 October to 7 November 2001. Read more

The registration of the .info extension starts from October 1 Introduction It's no secret: information drives the Internet - all over the world. From one city to another, Internet gives the possibility to access virtually any type of information. The ICAAN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers), in an effort to respond to the ever-increasing demand ... Read more

From today, a research can be carried out as to the availability of .it domains, also on others extensions under this hierarchy. In fact, there are some "Reserved" c.d. names, such as the names of municipalities, provinces and regions. Some names remain reserved: for example, the comune.roma.it domain, since it is a name reserved only for the municipality of Rome. For ... Read more

Article freely translated by Internetweek Finally the new generic domain names (gTLD), .biz e .info, have received final approval from ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). They are the first new extensions released from the mid-80s and join the current .com, .net, .org and .edu. The new suffixes will be introduced starting from end of the summer as a ... Read more

Netbusiness: DOMINIANDO - ON THE HUNT FOR DOMAINS Netbusiness N.69 dated 18/05/2001, one of the most authoritative newsletters on the net, has reviewed Dominiando in the Business to Consumer section: "DOMINIANDO, ON THE HUNT FOR DOMAINS A site that sells and registers Internet domains (.it, .com, .net, .tv, .fm), hospitality (hosting) and email services. It ... Read more

Dominiando is born! A site dedicated to offering high quality hosting services at competitive prices. Dominiando is for all categories of Internet users: from individuals to companies and web agencies. The dealer plan is clear and transparent, with a fixed discount for certain and immediate gain! All services are provided in a very short ... Read more

The decision arose from the appeal of a professional who in the WHOIS of the .it domains appeared as a contact for the domain, but not as the holder of the registration. Instead, the owner was the company through which the man had registered. The professional had therefore invoked the intervention ... Read more

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